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Join date: 3 Feb 2021


MediaQita is a foundation focused on research and community development. Founded on December 1st, 2010 by a group of professionals who come from different scientific backgrounds with a vision and mission to support the creation of sustainable prosperity by utilising the potential and available resources among the community to promote self-help, creativity, leadership, entrepreneurship and educational initiatives by and for the community.

Furthermore, supported by professionals and networks at the field level, Mediaqita has experience in managing programs ranging from feasibility studies, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, accountability as well as project knowledge management. For approximately decades working together with national companies in various programs with issues of social impact and environmental sustainability. One of them is with a national mining company in eastern Indonesia with two major sites (Southeast Sulawesi and North Maluku).

In addition, Mediaqita's activities provide consulting services, management and partnership cooperation to international non-profit organisations (INGOs), national NGOs (NGOs), international companies, national companies, government departments and local / district governments to village governments.

Mediaqita Foundation

Mediaqita Foundation

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